Customers honored 

Each employee will listen to our customers carefully, striving to offer satisfied service, even transcending customers' requirements, and get to be NO APPEAL. 

Talents as fundamentality 

Fostering and respecting each employee, and praise and encourage the employees of good performances, inosculating them in our corporate culture as KAFUNG grows. 

Teamwork Spirits 

Keep a good cooperative partnership to work or assist each other for same goals. 

Honesty & Credit 

Be honest and gain credit for other people and organizations, favor steady work , honest business. 

Precautions with Prudentness 

Probe in changes of market and competitors and keep in precognition, and do constant innovations as market changes. 

Reward the Society

Money-earning does not end our goals, for KAFUNG will do its much efforts to reward back to commonweals and its own industry, as a duty of an organization.

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