Your lifetime will get glorious forever, by a good occupation, in which multi-level and multi channel training and continuing education can meet the need of knowledge updating and education level improvement, and unlimited development space for each employee.

We believe, talents are the developmental foundation of one corporation, and more important aspects are talents fostering and collection. Our talents policy is " talent-oriented, ability-utilized utmost ". Also, we believe, anyone who is geared with dream, passion and capability can achieve his or her own value here.

If you can meet the following requirements, do not miss the opportunity to join us, heading for glorious perspectives.

You are welcome to join us , with much sincereness from all staffs.

Recruitment procedure

A. Desired candidates may email your RESUME or send by post or express to us.

B. If ok, we will inform you by email or phone for a interview.

C. Based on the interview, HR 'll consider it and then make a comprehensive review and decision.

D. After checking your qualification, we will get you in a proper position.

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